UCSB Office of Judicial Affairs

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To speak with a member of the Judicial Affairs staff, please call (805) 893-4569 and ask to be referred to Judicial Affairs.

The Office of Judicial Affairs is located in the Student Resource Building, 2nd Floor, in the Student Life Suite.

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the Office of Judicial Affairs. As part of a world-class research university, we rely on our students, staff, and faculty to uphold the highest standards of integrity both inside and outside of the classroom. As such, our mission is to maintain the integrity of the academic and co-curricular experience for all students and to ensure campus safety and security through the investigation and adjudication of University policy violations. Additionally, we are charged with assisting students in understanding the fundamentals of academic integrity and the rules and policies that govern behavior on campus. On this website you will find not only the formal policies but also some helpful publications which may assist you or your students with understanding the importance of proper conduct and academic honesty.

Faculty: To Report Academic Misconduct, Click Here

To Report Non-Academic Misconduct, Click Here

Help and Assistance

The Judicial Affairs staff are prepared and ready to assist if you have any questions or concerns. Faculty and teaching assistants are encouraged to call for consultation if they suspect a student has cheated or plagiarized, or if a student’s conduct in class is in someway unacceptable. Similarly, students with questions or concerns about an accusation of misconduct, their rights, or who are going through an investigation or hearing may also call for assistance. Any member of our community who believes they experienced or witnessed a hate incident or crime is encouraged to report the incident to us through the UC Systemwide reporting form which can be found by clicking on the “Hate Crime” tab above and/or by contacting our Hate Incident Response Coordinator. We also have a number of helpful printed resources available on the various sections of this website.

Knowing the Code

Student Codeof Conduct

UCSB Student Conduct Code